Norwegian Elkhounds

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Breeder Website
This breed name is an outstanding name for a serious breeder website. The breed name is a high profile, highly descriptive and, very easy to remember website name.

Breed Directory
This breed name would also be an ideal name for a major web breeders directory of responsible breeders, as well as offering breed related products, articles, and dog services. A web based income could be generated by hosting fees and by advertising fees.

Breeder Coalition
A coalition of like-minded breeders could together acquire this breed name and present an influential breed website of pertinent health issues, true breed characteristics, and factual breed information to the public.

A group of serious breeders may wish to use the platform of a breed name website to represent topics important to the best interests of the breed to the world.

Breed Club or Organization
Many breed clubs and organizations developed websites years ago and, did not consider or were unable to acquire the breed name as a website name.

This is an opportunity to acquire the breed name to use as a website name that represents the dedication and purpose of the organization.

Breed Patron ~ Breed Benefactor
The devoted and serious breed fancier may acquire this breed name and make the name available by gift or use to a breed organization, breed club or breed rescue that truly serves the best interests of the breed.

Breed Centered Website
A breed name website can become an encompassing breed centered website.

Be the name used by a breeder, an association of breeders, as a breed directory or, for an organization, the website can become "the breed site" for fanciers and visitors.

By the use of an on-site blog, a breed forum, a breed chat feature, the breed name website can be developed to a true breed centered website.

Visitors: Type-In Traffic ~ Direct Navigation
The more visitors to your website, the more opportunities to present the breed and your dogs to the public.

Someone interested in a breed may type in the name of the breed as the URL, or web address, to see where the breed name goes.

Type-In traffic brings additional visitors to your website and, visitors with a specific interest in the breed.

One of the many advantages of a breed name website is the benefit of type-in traffic, also known as direct navigation.

Dog Domain Names
We have followed the domain name industry for years and in particular, followed dog breed domain name holdings and transactions to the extent possible.

We have purchased dog domain names and we have sold dog domain names and are confident we can work with a sincere party interested in purchasing this breed name.

Domain Name For Sale
This name is for sale as a domain name without an existing website, without products, and without content.

Offers to purchase should be made through an established domain name service such as or

This domain name is subject to prior sale or withdrawal from sale without notice.


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